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Building a movement to empower communities from the ground up - Neighbors helping Neighbors.


Ari Turrentine

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Stage 5: Scaling

Atma Connect has reached over 5M people in Indonesia and Puerto Rico with our AtmaGo app and programs. An impact eval conducted by the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance in 2018 found that AtmaGo can save lives and reduce losses in disaster.

Focus Areas:

Health, Citizen Participation, Climate Change and Resilience and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Health, Citizen Participation, Climate Change and Resilience, Communication with Communities, Good Governance and Gender EquitySEE LESS

Implemented In:

Indonesia and United States

Indonesia and United StatesSEE LESS

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The people who are most vulnerable to crisis and disaster, like those in low-income communities and women, are disproportionately affected by pandemics like COVID-19 or disasters like flooding caused by climate change. All too often, solutions come from the top down and do not incorporate felt needs and effective solutions on the ground. These systems are not deployed on trusted or regularly used platforms that reach the last mile, limiting effectiveness.



Localized response that incorporates vetted, trusted peer-to-peer communication has been proven to have better outcomes for behavior change, and helping communities respond and recover more quickly. In the face of increasing disaster and crises, social cohesion and connection via AtmaGo provides a way for everyone to be next responders, and lead place-based solutions that reduce mortality, morbidity, and economic losses in the short and long-term.

Target Beneficiaries

We specialize in community-based and driven tech solutions that build agency among women and low-income communities. Our goal is to serve the billions of people globally who are on the front lines of crisis and disaster and are often unreached by traditional forms of early warnings and response.

Mission and Vision

Atma Connect is building ground-up disaster and crisis resilience in vulnerable communities. We envision a world where people use technology to amplify their voices, help one another, share solutions, and take action. Our overarching goal is to reach a billion users living in low-income, crisis and disaster vulnerable communities worldwide so neighbors can help neighbors mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and bounce back from disasters and from pandemics like COVID-19.

Innovation Description

We build social cohesion, mutual support and improve access to trusted, vetted information for those affected by disaster and crisis. AtmaGo is our hyperlocal social network that sources, vets, and delivers actionable, info. On the app, people share/find info, like COVID-19 preparedness, they organize events, like digital literacy for refugees, they find work, and they receive alerts/make reports about hazards, like early warnings. The app is combined with Citizen Journalism, resilience events, and partnerships with local organizations, and local and national governments to ensure that users build trust and see real improvements.

Competitive Advantage

AtmaGo is innovative because it empowers those most affected by crisis and disaster through an informal network. It extends the reach and power of humanitarian actors, increases the flow of critical information, and generates mutual support to reduce conflict. It leverages the power of pro-social, peer-to-peer communication, rather than taking a top-down approach. We take a self-reliance approach so that the most vulnerable people can drive change that improves their lives and their communities.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are creating a dedicated COVID communication system. We need support in developing communications that highlight emergency relief and services, that connect people to organizations providing psychosocial support, and that share information about caring for family members. We are building an AtmaGo needs assessment to support government officials and iNGOs in identifying needs so that aid and services can be more effectively delivered.
Funding Goal500,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted2,000,000
New Implemented CountriesColombia, United States, Venezuela
Recruit2 board members, 1 advisor
New FeatureWe are creating a dedicated COVID information and communication system so neighbors can help neighbors during this crisis


Jan 2020
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Oct 2015
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Climate Change and Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction
Implemented InIndonesia
Dec 2014
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Dec 2014
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