Updated Feb 26, 2021

Corona smart device for Corona patients with the ability to send drug information and the amount of drug use by the patient to the central system of the hospital


Mobina Ghazi

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The entry of food and medicine into the patient's gastrointestinal tract is one of the key factors in the cure of many diseases and more importantly Timely adjustment of this entry and repetition of this operation at specified times. Due to the increasing growth of semi-conscious patients and Anesthesia in departments such as ICU and post-operative and emergency recovery and due to drug poisoning, diseases Bacterial viral diseases such as Quaid 19 people for various reasons to special care or under the use of important drugs Time and amount are high. Following this operation, there is a decrease in the capacity of the medical staff to solve this problem It deals with the entry of nutrients, pharmaceuticals, detergents into the solution and the liquid automatically and the program. It minimizes and minimizes suffocation and side effects, and reports to the operator that this is not done. Previous problems: 1 - Patients who do not have the ability and desire to swallow drugs and food in liquid or large volume 2 - Patients with mild wounds or light bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract and swallowing for them It's painful 3 - Some babies who are hospitalized in areas such as NICU 4 - Some patients who are unconscious or have a low level of consciousness and are hospitalized in areas such as the ICU 5 - Patients who do not receive calories through the mouth 6 - Patients who have drug poisoning and need to wash their stomachs 7 - Patients who have long-term anesthesia after surgery 8 - All people who have a particular disorder in swallowing How to solve this problem: This device has four inputs, the ability to carry and store four types of pills, fine powder, capsules, washing solution The donor, etc., each enter a certain amount of their contents into the mixer tank according to the set schedule. Depending on the solvent requirement of the drug, the amount of water from the intelligent controllable valve enters the tank. The impeller mixer acts to form a solution in this tank for a certain period of time. This content enters the tube that is housed inside the NG tube and enters the stomach at a certain rate. Upon arrival of this solution, the controllable jack is activated with the time that is under the patient's bed, and the patient's stomach, esophagus, neck and head areas. Arrange at an appropriate angle and above the lower torso to facilitate the entry of this content into the stomach and increase the coefficient. Make sure that this content is not rejected. - In the upper part, a sensor sensitive to liquids has been installed, which, if for any reason, such as device blockage or malfunction The device, medicine and food do not enter the person's digestive tract and send an alert message to their operator. - Near the end of the pipe, a sensitive mechanical sensor tube is installed to return the contents of the stomach, which is followed by a rejection operation. Upstairs materials quickly block the return duct and prevent it from returning, while sending a warning message to its operator. Send and stop food and medicine immediately. According to research from 10 hospitals and 1,000 patients and 100 physicians and nurses, if a coronary patient is admitted to the ECU, he or she will take medications and drugs such as protein and vitamin supplements and medications prescribed by the doctor within the specified time. According to our research, a patient who takes his medication every three hours gets better. This device has the ability to insert all drugs into the patient's body through a tube placed in the patient's mouth at a specific time. With an artificial intelligence system, the device solves the amount of drug use and the type of drug that the doctor prescribes through the software on the device. It enters the patient's body. Due to the small number of nurses in hospitals, this device, as a smart nurse, uses drugs at specific times. The human body enters the body of a patient with corona. We are the health of Iran. This device has the ability to send information such as bed number and patient name, number of drugs used per day and per week, and display the amount of medicine and the type of drug, and this information is displayed on the screen of nurses' rooms. And nurses can check the patient's condition, the amount of medication used, the patient's body temperature, and the patient's vital signs without entering the ECU. This device is very economical and despite this device in hospitals, the need for nurses is much less, which makes the transmission of Coronavirus 19 in hospitals less.

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We have completed the research and are designing the production of an industrial sample of the product, and we have also introduced it to the hospitals with the Ministry of Health of Iran

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