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MEGA Game: The Game with Impact

Part of Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy

MEGA Game is a map-based project management tool specifically for environmental organizations and Green Tech companies that helps them manage environmental projects and fieldwork collaboratively within a global community.


Benedikt Marschuetz

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

MEGA Game web platform is currently under active development. Now we have functional Beta 2.0 being used for managing a number of projects. In addition to it, we are developing the app version of MEGA Game for Android.

Registered in Moldovain Moldova

Focus Areas:

Citizen Participation, All Sectors, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and 13 MoreSEE ALL

Citizen Participation, All Sectors, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity, Agriculture, Education, Energy, Environment, Youth, Non-formal Education (OOS/ALP), Extracurricular or Out-of School Activities, Testing & Assessment, Biodiversity, Data Collection/Needs Assessments, Enabling Environment, Social and Behavior Change and TechnologySEE LESS

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NetherlandsSEE LESS

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Our research and experience indicate that environmental and sustainability organizations face a number of project management challenges. These challenges, which lead to suboptimal outcomes, include:

- lack of collaboration and coordination between organizations in implementing projects;

- information asymmetry and limited personnel capability;

- lack of transparency and rigour in the monitoring, reporting, and verification of environmental projects and their outcomes.



MEGA Game is a specialized project management tool to manage environmental projects and fieldwork collaboratively within a global community.

By using MEGA Game, our customers, including environmental organizations and Green Tech companies, can manage their projects, engage volunteers, educate people, monitor progress and impact achieved, and report to stakeholders.

Target Beneficiaries

1. Environmental organizations: They use the platform as a tool for researching existing environmental issues, managing their projects, engaging volunteers, educating them, monitoring positive impact, and reporting it to stakeholders.

2. Green Tech companies: They benefit in terms of implementing their environment-related CSR projects, locating and supporting projects of organizations, as well as preparing and recruiting young environmental talents from a global community.

Mission and Vision

MEGA Mission: Connecting people for a sustainable future.

The purposeof MEGA is to change how sustainable development is done these days. Instead of working with symptoms of environmental / social issues, we target the roots of these issues and resources (ideas, solutions, talents, etc.) needed for resolving them. In such way, we serve ascollaboration-enabling platformwith the set of modern technologies necessary for system change in sustainable development.

Innovation Description

MEGA Game works as an advanced project management tool specifically for environmental projects and fieldwork. By using the platform, environmental organizations and Green Tech companies connect with volunteers, engage and educate them, research existing environmental issues, manage their environmental projects, monitor progress, display positive impact achieved, and report to stakeholders. All this is done in a collaborative space and in a fun, engaging, and motivating way due to elements of gamification integrated into the platform.

Key benefits of MEGA Game include:

  • Cost-effective project management with map-based functions to enable the sharing of knowledge and project contributions from the global MEGA community.

  • Customizable gamification elements and rewards for engagement and coordination of project teams and volunteers.

  • Training opportunities that can educate volunteers and build capacity of project teams to increase performance during and after each project.

  • Transparent monitoring and reporting of positive impact achieved by project teams and volunteers through the use of audits and distributed ledger technology.

For more information we invite you to watch the following introductory video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7pt3OF9rmw

Competitive Advantage

Unlike other project management alternatives, we combine virtual collaboration stimulated by elements of gamification with creation, monitoring, and reporting of real-world positive impact.

In addition, MEGA Game has the following advantages:
  • Interactive location-based project management system.

  • User base and collaboration platform that generates valuable data.

  • Transparent monitoring, reporting and verification capabilities.

  • Gamification and education elements to promote public good.

Planned Goals and Milestones

After the web platform and the smartphone app of MEGA Game are ready, tested, and fully functional, we will focus on scaling up our innovation to European and North American market. To do this, we seek contacts of environmental organizations and Green Tech companies that may find great value in MEGA Game for their environmental projects. If you have an organization / company to recommend us, please reach us by e-mail: hello@megageneration.com. Thank you!
Funding Goal55,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted11
New Implemented CountriesGermany, Estonia, Denmark, Canada, United States, Netherlands, Sweden
Recruit1 CTO and developer; 1 operations coordinator; 1 financial coordinator
New FeatureCreate the features of Quests, Courses, and Trails and integrate them into the platform and app.


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