Updated Jan 28, 2021

Project of devices and intelligent COVID-19 prevention systems

Maedeh Esfandiyari

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Researchers and inventors around the world are currently researching innovations that help prevent the coronavirus.The most important method of diagnosing coronary heart disease is high fever in individuals. For this reason, in some busy places, such as airports, people are working to measure people's fever, and if a person has a high fever, they will be referred to medical centers. There is currently no system in the world that can accurately measure and differentiate people's body temperature in crowded and busy places and warns them if people do not observe the distance between them. In this regard, we have designed and tested a system, which can be used in robots, because today robots help a lot to humans. This robot with thermal camera and laser thermal sensors can measure the body temperature of individuals and separate the body temperature of each person, so that if the body temperature of a person is high, another camera takes a picture of this person's face and shows this information on the system. Gives The system also shows the exact geographical coordinates of the person on the software. This system is very useful for finding people whose body temperature is high and in crowded places. Another feature of this robot is the ability to detect the distance between people in crowded places. In this section, human detection sensors along with the distance detection sensor, which has environmental data of that place, can be used to detect the distance between each person using programming and can Show the face of the red alarm or red laser light bulb between the person who did not observe the distance Observing the distance between people prevents coronavirus, which is very useful in airports, subways and public places. We have also designed and built software that people can install on their phones via mobile waves to observe the distance between themselves and other human beings, so that if the distance is less than 2 meters, the mobile phone will give a voice alarm and to The audio form warns to observe the distance.

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

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Health, Higher Education and Technology

Health, Higher Education and TechnologySEE LESS

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United States, Turkey and Iran

United States, Turkey and IranSEE LESS

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