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To apply for the Million Lives Club Pioneer cohort, innovators should be having a significant impact on a target population that doesn’t necessarily consist of one million individuals. Below we outline how to make it as a successful Pioneer applicant, using insights from our inaugural group of MLC Members.

What is the Pioneer cohort?

The Million Lives Club Pioneer cohort is for innovators having a significant impact on their target population. Specifically, you must be impacting at least 40% of your defined target population. This population could be defined by one or a combination of the following elements:

A marginalized/ specific group in a given place:For example, Kadiwaku foundation targets young people with disabilities in 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo

A chosen population segment:For example, the innovation ‘Telehealth for Rural healthcare’ aims to benefit sub-saharan African women of childbearing age, typically working as smallholder farmers or agricultural produce traders.

A particular problem impacting a specific group in a given place:For instance, the innovation ‘Group Support Psychotherapy’ targets those living with HIV in Eastern and Southern African regions.

How to create a successful Pioneer application

Define your target population

For the Pioneer cohort, defining exactly who is in your target population is essential, as this will allow reviewers to determine whether your impact makes you eligible for Million Lives Club membership. Remember: innovators impacting 40% or more of their defined target population are eligible for the MLC! You’ll need to tell us:

  • The number of individuals in the overall target population, and how you have calculated this number (referring to secondary sources if relevant)
  • The characteristics of your target population - this may be in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, or a specific issue that those individuals are tackling
  • The number of individuals from the defined target population that you have impacted to date.

  • Provide clear evidence

    Within your application you will be required to provide us with the evidence to back-up your impact numbers. On the application form you’ll need to answer a question around how you measure your impact and also provide the number of clients you have already reached and the number you expect to have reached in 18 months’ time.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to upload supporting documents to back up your responses. These documents could include (but are not limited to):

  • Published reports
  • Anonymised client data
  • Annual reports
  • Impact calculation files
  • Monitoring data,
  • External reviews

  • Our first five Pioneer Members

    Below we outline the profiles of our first five Pioneer members, as inspiration for your Pioneer application. Check out their MLC directory profiles to learn more about their impact!

    Educate Exchange! - Educate! prepares youth in Africa with the skills to succeed in today's economy.

    Kadam Step Up - The Kadam Step-Up methodology developed by Humana People to People India provides workbooks for the children with exercises that logically build up competencies in a step-wise manner, in order to close the education gap in India.

    Telehealth for Rural Care - A telehealth platform from Kaaro health that helps health clinics in Uganda’s rural areas to gain remote access to the few available doctors, whom they can’t otherwise afford to hire.

    Kadiwaku - Kadiwaku Family Foundation is committed to expanding economic opportunities for people with disabilities in Africa through training and financial award.

    Group Support Psychotherapy - The SEEK GSP program is working within existing health systems to bring culturally sensitive depression therapies to rural communities which would otherwise be unreachable.

    Do you have what it takes to be a Pioneer Member of the Million Lives Club?

    Apply by 10th January 2020 (12 noon EST) to be considered in the next round of reviews and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about your application.