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Last week, the Million Lives Club (MLC) featured in the Voice of America Editorials, discussing the work of the MLC to recognize successfully scaling innovators and help them attract the resources they need.

The Million Lives Club brings together its Members and Partners to promote the scaling of innovation for social impact - challenging the myth that ‘nothing is scaling’. Our first group of MLC Members proves just that, and we are excited for this list to continue to grow in the coming months and years.

“Announcing the Million Lives Club was just a baby step in getting to the process of this learning journey,” said Alexis Bonnell, USAID’s Chief Officer of Innovation. “I think that what we really hope is that other investors, other funders, and most importantly other players in the ecosystem will also get excited about these organizations that are scaling.”

We are now accepting applications for our next group of MLC Members, to be announced in Spring 2020. Apply by 10 January 2020 (12.00 noon EST) for your innovation to be considered! 

For more on the Million Lives Club’s mission to change the narrative around social impact and recognize successful innovators, read the Voice of America Editorial here.