Six tips for a successful Million Lives Club application  News

MLC Admin

In this blog the Million Lives Club team shares insights from the application review process. You’ll find tips and suggestions to improve the quality of your application, better preparing you for a successful application to the Million Lives Club.

1. Give your innovation a name to remember!

Here at the Million Lives Club, we want to shine a spotlight on the specific innovation that your organization has scaled to significant impact. Giving your innovation a name that both depicts what you do and what sets you apart is key!

2. Tell us how you’re innovative!

The Million Lives Club recognizes successfully scaling innovations...But what does innovative mean? You tell us!

Perhaps you’ve found a new technological solution to provide better healthcare, or successfully scaled a new educational approach...we welcome all types of innovations! For us, innovation is about finding a new way to approach a problem. And that is context specific. We recognize the diverse nature of innovation and aim to profile this diversity through our initiative!

Providing a clear outline of exactly what sets your solution apart is key. To help frame your response, in the application form you’ll be asked:

  • What problem or need does your innovation address?
  • What is your solution to address this problem?
  • Briefly describe your innovation - what does it do and how is it delivered?
  • How is your innovation different from other products / services?
  • Spend time on making sure you answer these questions as clearly and succinctly as possible.

    3. Back yourself up!

    Within your application you will be required to provide us with the evidence to back-up your impact. On the application form you’ll need to answer a question around how you measure your impact and also provide the number of clients you have reached and expect to reach in 18 months time. You’ll also have the opportunity to upload supporting documents to back up your responses. These documents could include (but are not limited to):

  • Published reports
  • Anonymised client data
  • Annual reports
  • Impact calculation files
  • Monitoring data,
  • External reviews
  • Other relevant documentation.

  • 4. Speed up the process by using your Global Innovation Exchange profile

    If your innovation already has a profile on the Global Innovation Exchange(GIE) then you can speed up the application process by linking your GIE profile to your Million Lives Club application. This will auto-populate key information from your GIE profile directly onto the MLC application form, leaving you with less to fill-in! This feature is part of GIE's Universal Application pilot; read more about the exciting project here.

    5. Check your application!

    Here at the Million Lives Club we value inclusion! We don’t want to miss any promising applications because of mis-typed answers on your application form. During the first cohort of applications we noticed that the submitted numbers didn’t always add up - and usually due to a typo/error in the application form.

    We know that mistakes happen, even with the best technologies, so we will do our best to check with applicants if we think something sounds strange. Please help us by thoroughly checking your application before you submit!

    6. Have a question about your application?

    Just ask! You can check out our FAQs page which contains lots of helpful information on the application process and eligibility. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Million Lives Club team directly by emailing:

    Apply by 7th July 2020 (12 noon EST) to be considered in the next round of reviews!